Telephone: 020 8368 3431


Teaching Staff

Executive Head Teacher: Andy Griffiths

Interim Head of School: Jo Porter
Reception: Nicola Jordan
Year 1: Tracey Dovey
Year 2: Jo Martin/Jackie Smith
Year 3: Daisy Farrar-Williams
Year 4: Rachel Findlay
Year 5: Charlie Cox
Year 6: Cheryl Jordan
SenCo: Martha Brown

Teaching Assistants

Tracey Austin
Helen Demetriou
Lynn Gonzalez
Linda Grayson  (TA & Admin)
Julie Harrington
Frances Healey
Sarah McTeare
Val Rice
Margaret Solomon
Lynette Smith
Caroline Stevens
Amanda Tompkins
Debbie Windler

Admin Staff

Dee Gibbons
Gill Kurland

Site Manager

Ray Smith

Meal Time Supervisors

Mary Constantino
Sandra Derkyi
Grace Downie
Tania Durrant
Andrea Ioannides
Ellie Newton
Cathy Roberts

Alison Levin

Kitchen Staff
Jackie Archer
Julie Connolly


CHBP (Church Hill Brunswick Park) School Federation Governing Body Membership

Chair                            Nick Salt  Co-opted Governor

Executive Head Teacher   Andy Griffiths Governor

Vice Chair                  Paul de Ville Co-opted Governor

Vice Chair                  Sejal Rabone Parent Governor

Convenor Curriculum and Standards  Sejal Rabone Parent Governor (Terms of Ref. please click)

Convenor Resources   Paul de Ville  Co-opted Governor (Terms of Ref. please click)

Convenor Premises     David Powell  Co-opted Governor (Terms of Ref. please click)

Members committee attachments denoted by C R and P ( Curriculum, Resources and Premises )

Suzanna Mc Gloin      Co-Opted Governor  R

Elly Balmforth             Co-Opted Governor  C

Amin Ghia                      Co-Opted Governor   P

Chrissy Vassilou          Co-Opted Governor   C

Nicki Ross                       Co-Opted Governor   C

Linda Vincent                Co-Opted Governor   C

Nina Dean                       Co-Opted Governor   C

Megan Hallett               Co-Opted Governor   R P

Bobbie Cotterill             Co-Opted Governor   C

Shireen Nakhunda       Parent Governor   P

Jo Martin                          Staff Governor       C

Cllr Lisa Rutter              LA Governor          R

Duncan Hooper              Associate Governor   R

Peter White MBE           Associate Governor